I am Demetris Kikizas. I live in Athens, Greece, and I work as a web developer.

Web development brings together three things I love: technology, publishing and the web. My main tool for web development is WordPress and I focus on making websites that are fast and easy to use on all devices — from desktop computers to mobile phones.

The latest version of this document is available at https://kikizas.com/resume/

Personal information

Name Demetris Kikizas
Email d@kikizas.com
Phone +30 210 604 4426
Mobile +30 694 402 6728


1993–1994 University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK. MPhil in Moral and Political Philosophy.
1987–1991 Panteion University, Athens, Greece. Degree in Sociology.

Work experience

2009–2020 Freelancer. WordPress consultant and developer. See below, Web technologies & tools
2000–2002 Sotiropoulos Brothers, commercial real estate agency, Athens, Greece. Apprentice mediator and PA to the chief mediator.
1995–2009 Freelancer. Translator (mostly English to Greek) and copy editor for several publishers in Athens, Greece. Specialized in novels and in techical documents. Authors I have translated include Ursula K. Le Guin, François Châtelet, D. H. Lawrence, Charlotte Brontë and Jane Austen.
1994–1995 Greek Army. Compulsory military service.

Web technologies & tools

WordPress Advanced

I have been working with WordPress since 2008. My WordPress skills include:

  • Setting up and maintaining WordPress sites
  • Optimizing WordPress sites for speed
  • Building custom themes using the WordPress API and modern HTML and CSS
  • Developing custom plugins to meet client needs
  • Designing and implementing custom post types and custom post fields
  • Customizing the WordPress admin UI to make it friendlier for users
  • Configuring, optimizing, hardening and maintaining web servers for WordPress

WordPress plugins (recent)

WordPress contributions and related work

WordPress websites (recent)

  • In 2019 I completed the new website of NOMIS Foundation, a Swiss private fund for scientific research: nomisfoundation.ch. I designed the data architecture and built the WordPress theme from scratch. The site uses custom post types, Advanced Custom Fields and automatic bi-directional post-to-post relationships, integrates a few external libraries (Siema, baguetteBox.js, and schema-org) and has a members area implemented with BuddyPress. From 2017 to 2020 I hosted and maintained the NOMIS website on a Linode VPS.
  • In 2018 I put together yalosbranding.com for Yalos Branding Intelligence, an independedent agency in Athens, Greece. The site uses a completely custom WordPress theme that I built to implement the design mockups and has been optimized for fast delivery of images. I hosted and maintained the site on a Linode VPS from 2018 to 2020.

Web technologies & tools, continued

HTML & CSS Advanced

I have been exploring and using semantic HTML and standards-compliant CSS since 2002. I always aim to use the most modern HTML and CSS supported by targeted browsers; this brings benefits in performance, accessibility and SEO, while it is also something I enjoy as a developer.

Sass Advanced

I use Sass for stylesheets that are expected to grow longer than 50–60 lines of code.

JavaScript & TypeScript Intermediate

I write small bits of JavaScript as projects demand (DOM manipulation, Ajax, integration of third-party libraries). I write JavaScript in TypeScript because TypeScript helps me make better sense of JavaScript.

PHP Intermediate to advanced

I follow the developments in PHP and I strive to follow modern practices and to take advantage of modern features available in the PHP ecosystem and in the latest versions of the language.

npm, Gulp and Yarn Intermediate

I use npm, Gulp and Yarn for transpiling TypeScript and Sass and for managing assets.

Eleventy.js Beginner

I started exploring Eleventy recently. I find that it is a simple and at the same time flexible SSG that I like working with.

Linux administration Advanced

I am well acquainted with the Debian and Ubuntu operating systems and with the command-line interface. I maintain a few Debian servers at Linode for hosting, testing and web development.

Other skills & interests


  • Greek. Native tongue.
  • English. Fluent.
  • French. Basic reading skills (studied to intermediate level, haven’t practiced).
  • German. Basic reading skills (studied to intermediate level, haven’t practiced).

Personal computers

I have used personal computers since 1984, Windows since 1993, and Linux since 2003. Currently I use Windows 10 with WSL on my main computer and Debian on my laptop computer.


I studied piano with Eleni Hallecker and Efi Agrafioti in Athens, Greece, for eight years (1996–2004). My favourite classical composers are Robert Schumann, Johannes Brahms, Charles Ives and György Ligeti.


I enjoy assembling, disassembling and repairing stuff. I like to know how the things I use work.


I play and watch football and I used to play basketball and tennis.